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Welcome to Zohar Portuguese Water Dogs.  My husband John and myself, Donna Reif Sack, provide a wonderful home to our PWDs and puppies

 Simon came into our lives in 1995.  He was our first PWD, and really got us hooked on PWDs with his trainability, trust, silliness and devotion.  He earned his Companion Dog AKC title, and was the top 5 CD obedience PWD in 1999.   He was very spoiled and usually got two slices of apple to the other’s one slice.  His favorite food was apples.  We have a few very small apple trees, and Simon was very pleased with himself when he made his way out there and discovered all these apples on the ground. Of course we had to pick up the rotten ones so he did not get sick.  We also had to limit his excursions to the apple tree.  He would have gotten quite a tummy ache left to his apple eating desires. He thought he hit pay dirt one day when to his detection he looked up and found many apples just hanging there for his picking.  We had to limit that as well.  Simon was diagnosed with PRA but still got along very well.  Hollin watched out for him.  To the very end, Simon would find his way to the apple trees seeking those wonderful apples. (Sometimes when it’s not in season, I go out there and scatter a few apple slices for him to find.) Simon crossed over Rainbow Bridge in 2007.  He is greatly missed.

Hollin came to us in 1998.  I played a major roll in her whelping and socialization while assisting my breeding mentor.  It was exciting to see her grow mentally and physically.   Hollin became the foundation for Zohar kennels.  She obtained her Championship and later whelped two litters. She has some champion pups that she is very proud of. After her spay, and because of her great temperament Hollin became a Delta Pet Partner® and a registered Reading Education Assistance Dog®. (R.E.A.D.)  She very much enjoyed her time listening to children read to her. 
Both John and I are retired Special Education teachers having worked with Learning Disabled and Emotionally Disturbed children.  The R.E.A.D. program allowed me to continue to provide literacy to children and have Hollin act as the reading facilitator.   It worked so well and is such a rewarding program that I decided to become a Licensed R.E.A.D. instructor.  I also went on to become the R.E.A.D. Program Coordinator/Team Advisor for Rocky Mountain Reading Education Assistance Dogs®.  We have quite a few R.E.A.D. facilities and R.E.A.D. teams in the Denver Metro Area.

Marilyn has earned her Am/Intl Championship and has successfully obtained her Delta Pet Partner therapy registration as well as her R.E.A.D. registration.  She has made a really good champion for children's literacy just like her mother Hollin.  Hollin crossed over Rainbow Bridge in 2010.  We miss her so much.

Emerson came into our lives in 2006.  She is one of Marilyn's puppies.  She has earned her International Championship.  Emerson is very special to us. She is very well put together, and is always surprising us with the inventive things that she comes up with.  She is the one who loves to chase a ball out in the filed.  All the other dogs follow her, but she is the one who comes back wiht the ball.  Emerson is also a smile-er.  Every morning I am greeted with her pearly whites.  It's a trait that has come downline from her Great Grandmother, Bubbles.

Fenton and Westyn were added to our home in 2009. They are Emerson’s puppies and Zohar’s 4th generation. With each litter we have strived to improve our line and Fenton and Westyn have shown us that we are on the right path.  Westyn and Fenton have completed their AKC and International Championships and  Grand Championships. 

At the 2011 National Specialty Fenton made her grand debut and won Best of Winners out of the Bred By Exhibitors class.  This was a wonderful accomplishment for Zohar PWDs.

Grayson has earned his Grand Championship and has done very well in the breed ring.  We have plans to campain him as he is a well put together dog - Very showy, great attitude and well conformed to the standard.

We are proud to co-own some stud dogs and brood bitches. All have completed their AKC championships/Grand Championships and some are in the process of obtaining their Grand Championships.  

John and I are always striving to learn and grow in ways that will improve Zohar Portuguese Water Dogs and offer the most up to date information to the caregivers of our puppies. We do this by attending seminars, reading books and articles and taking educational courses on a variety of topics.  Some of which include Genetics, Canine Body Language, Nutrition, Behavior, Training and of course Breeding.  I am a member of APDT, Intermountain Therapy Animals, The Delta Society, Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.®), and Behavior Education Network (BEN). I have attended many ongoing breeding, genetics and dog trainers classes to keep up with the latest information.  I have recently completed the 3 Avidog classes (listed on hte home page).  I guess it is the educator in me that is always seeking new information to better myself and our Zohar pups.


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