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The Portuguese Water Dog is extremely intelligent and easily trained, if the training is consistent. They make wonderful obedience dogs, agility dogs and water dogs. It is important to remember that this breed is not just a pretty face neither is it just fluff. Left to its own devices it can become the household demon. It is essential that basic obedience lessons begin early in the dog's life. Keep training interesting or the Water Dog will become bored and your training efforts will be counter productive.

The retriever qualities inherent in this breed result in the Water Dog being "mouthy" not intentionally destructive. As a growing puppy and adolescent dog this "mouthiness" may result in unintentional destructiveness and nipping. Proper supervision, numerous dog toys, confinement in a safe, comfortable area (dog crate) when not under supervision, and proper training will help channel and control this "mouthiness". As an adult, it enjoys carrying things around and usually has a favorite fuzzy toy in its mouth or near by.

House training is not difficult provided you set aside the required time and are consistent with your training. Consult with the breeder of the puppy for recommended techniques.  

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